Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Windows 10 IoT Core: Sample Camera applications – An update (Using DragonBoard 410c)

A couple of month before I have evaluated the USB camera with Raspberry Pi 2 on Windows 10 IoT Core and got the unacceptable results on camera preview rendering performance. Here is the blog post Windows 10 IoT Core – Sample Camera applications. Even though the performance is poor, I was talking about the advantage of UWP application on Windows 10 IoT Core.

Recently Microsoft added DragonBoard 410c in the list of hardware supported for Windows 10 IoT Core. Good news is, the binary released for this board support driver for its inbuilt WiFi module and a Direct X driver for its GPU. I was very curious to check the graphics performance of the DirectX driver using the same USB Camera (e-cam51_USB) and UWP application. Yes. It is fantastic, able to see the camera preview rendering at 30 fps for 640x480 resolution frame, scaled up to the full HD monitor. Also able to perform the video encoding with MP4 with the reasonable performance.

PS: DragonBoard 410c requires a self-powered USB hub to connect the USB camera. Looks like it is a hardware limitation.

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