Friday, March 13, 2015

Windows IoT on Galileo – Sensors to Server Part-2

As a final touch and the continuation of earlier Windows IoT for Galileo – Sensors to Server, This blog explain you on how to retrieve sensor data from Azure storage table services that already have sensor data pushed from Galileo Windows IoT.


Building the Windows Phone 8.1 sensor receiver application
  • You can download and go through the source code for how to retrieving sensors data from azure storage table. Refer StorageSensor.cs file in the codeplex release package.
  •  Build the application and run it in either developer unlocked WP8.1 phone or WP8.1 emulator.
Fig: Sensor data received in Windows Phone 8.1 Application

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Enjoy the complete End to End demo for Windows IoT from sensors, device ( Galileo) , Azure and Windows Phone 8.1.

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