Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Workaround for Suspend using core idle or ring Oscillator Mode in PXA320

e-con systems encourages his engineers to publish blogs on Windows CE in his blog website. From this blog onwards I am publishing my blogs on e-con systems Windows CE blog website and provide the links here.

Power Management is one of the crucial aspects of the handheld design. In various handhelds, the power management states and transition to these states without losing the operating context is the key to effective implementation of Power Management. The design decision of device power states, individual module power states in each of the power states, trigger sources configuration for each state etc are very important steps in the design stage. The design stage also involves the incorporation of the device power stages in to Windows CE Power Management framework.
This blog describes one interesting problem encountered in PXA320 CPU power modes in a Windows CE based design.Link the URL for more details about this blog.


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