Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Make it work .NET Compact Framework on PXA320 based Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Platform NET

I have developed a BSP for PXA320 based platform running on windows embedded CE 6.0 R2. I have taken the Zylonite windows CE 5.0 BSP. I faced a strange issue while running the Dot Net Compact framework based application. The application failed to run even though the necessary components have been included for the Dot Net Compact framework.
I tried to run the cgacutil.exe to get the version of the .net framework. I got “Registration Failed” message in the console. Same issue I faced when I installed the .Net Framework through the cab installer. I tried the same project file (.pbxml) with other platform. I found the .net framework was working.
So the issue should be related to BSP. During the installation of the .NET Compact framework, the IOCTL_HAL_GET_DEVICE_INFO is called through the kernelIOcontrol to get the device information for registration. This IOCTL will give set of system parameter information through some SPI cases. One of the cases is SPI_GETPLATFORMNAME. This will give the platform name and it is used during the .NET compact framework GAC implementation. This case is missing in my BSP, since I have used the Zylonite windows CE 5.0 BSP. Because of this .NET Compact Framework is not working.
Workaround 1:
a) Add the global declarations
const WCHAR HALPlatNameStr[] = L"XXXPlatform" ;
const DWORD dwHALPlatNameStrLen = 9;
b) Add the following code in the src\oal\oallib\ioctl.c OALGetDeviceInfo() function.
len = (dwHALPlatNameStrLen+1)*sizeof(WCHAR);
if (lpBytesReturned)
*lpBytesReturned = len;
if (nOutBufSize >= len && lpOutBuf)
retval = TRUE;
} else


Workaround 2:
Do the following changes in src\inc\ioctl_tab.h file.
Use the common OAL IOCTL function OALIoCtlHalGetDeviceInfo() instead of OALGetDeviceInfo(). The OALIoCtlHalGetDeviceInfo() will finally use the g_oalIoCtlPlatformType value implemented in the ioctl.c file.

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