Monday, March 16, 2015

Windows IoT on Galileo – Using Event Hubs (

An interesting open source project going on Microsoft Open technologies named  

This is intended to help developers to connect small devices to Microsoft Azure and implementing data analytics with Azure services such as Event hubs, Stream Analytics and Machine Learning.

One interesting thing I found from the project is, we can access Azure Event hubs from Galileo Windows IoT using simple C++. Here is the link for the sample application created using “Galileo Wiring App”.

This application get the data from sensors and push it as events to Azure Event hub. This application creates JSON packets and send it through AMQP protocol to Azure Event hub. Challenging part (sending data from Galileo) is released by Microsoft Open Technologies. Receiving part should be a cake walk. Sample for receiving data from Windows 8.1 PC or WP8.1 is already given in MSDN using Azure .Net SDK. 

I used azurestorage services for earlier demo/blogs with Galileo. Now I am going to try this application with my sensor module connected with Galileo. Hope you can also enjoy this.

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